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REVIEW: 3Shape TRIOS dental digital impression scanner

There are many factors to consider before purchasing a digital scanner that will aid in the digital impression process. The 3Shape TRIOS Dental Digital Impression Scanner allows dentists to enhance the patient experience and more.

As a dentist, one goal for your practice is to create quality and precise restorations that fit patients and thus improve their quality of life. The only way to achieve accurate and long-lasting results is to switch to digital impressions. Traditional impressions risk distortion. Digital scanners, however, capture precise results in a more efficient and time-effective manner. They also increase patient’s level of comfort and satisfaction.

With digital impressions, a dentist can immediately review the scan while the patient views the scan chairside. This means any errors can be corrected on the spot. Then, the digital impression can be sent to a lab where dentures, crowns, bridges, and other restoration models can be made quickly and accurately.

Converting to digital impressions can be scary. When looking at the marketplace, there are many factors to consider before purchasing a digital scanner that will aid in the digital impression process. The 3Shape TRIOS Dental Digital Impression Scanner allows dentists to enhance the patient experience, reduce chair time, and improve the longevity and accuracy of restorations.


The TRIOS scanner technology

The 3Shape TRIOS technology allows your dental office to supply superior experience to patients and grow your practice. Unlike many other digital impression software, TRIOS provides continuous software updates and a range of powerful apps to ensure that your dental practice stays up to date. TRIOS makes scanning fast and easy for dentists/dental assistants, ensuring optimal comfort for patients and reduced chair time. 3Shape TRIOS excellence is recognized by multiple leading industry honors, including five consecutive Cellerant Best of Class Technology Awards.

TRIOS is the world’s first intraoral scanner to offer a wireless option. Enjoy the freedom of wireless intraoral scanning with TRIOS 3 Wireless, which allows you to perform digital scans unrestricted by wires, optimizing accessibility for both you and your patients. Additionally, Trios technology creates high-quality digital impressions in lifelike colors to evaluate treatment and improve patient dialogue. Not only does TRIOS provide full-color scans for patients, but also documented accuracy on full-arch scans and the ability to capture a series of bite positions to better understand occlusion cases.


Why 3Shape Trios?

  • Provide superior treatment experience for patients. When patients see digital images of their teeth, it makes understanding treatment options easier. Showing patients their digital scans chair-side creates greater opportunities for treatment dialogue and joint decision-making. Patients also appreciate the comfort of not enduring traditional impression moldings.

  • Get more open options for your practice. Whether you desire to send impression scans to a lab or create restorations in-house, 3Shape TRIOS provides a plethora of options to satisfy your exact needs.

  • Grow your practice. With TRIOS you have the ability to accept advanced cases, thus opening your practice up to more business and profitability.


Benefits for your dental practice

  • Improve patient experience

  • Increase digital accuracy and limit manual errors

  • Reduce the number of impression retakes and save time so you can treat patients more efficiently

  • Save money on impression materials and shipping costs

  • Save storage space and help the environment by going digital


Save time and improve patient satisfaction by investing in a 3Shape TRIOS digital scanner. Our experienced technical team is here to assist you should you wish to discuss digital scanners in more detail.

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