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There are many different digital scanners on the market, but iTero is one of the most respected and versatile brands. Here is why...

Many clinicians find it challenging to take consistently precise and predictable impressions using conventional trays and impression materials, especially when treating patients with special needs or with strong gag reflexes. Digital scanners are designed to take accurate impressions each time and can help dentists achieve an optimal fit for restorations. Offering digital impressions can be a useful way to help build your practice, allowing you to attract new patients by offering an alternative to conventional impression-taking technology. Additionally, a digital scanner will provide other business opportunities, particularly for a practice providing orthodontic services. There are many different digital scanners on the market, but iTero is one of the most respected and versatile brands.

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Why Choose iTero to Help Build your Practice?

The iTero scanner does not require teeth to be powder coated prior to scanning, so you will need to spend less time on preparation and on materials. Scanning is hygienic, utilizing single-use sleeves that will minimize the possibility of any cross-contamination. The iTero scanner allows OrthoCAD and Invisalign software to be downloaded for orthodontic applications using the same digital scanner. The Invisalign Outcome Simulator enables digital impressions to be used so patients can more easily visualize how Invisalign treatment will help them.


High Degree of Accuracy and Efficiency

The ability to review the high-resolution digital impression while chair-side with the patient enables clinicians to check occlusal clearance. This is vital for achieving good esthetic and restorative outcomes. If necessary, the scan can be retaken with minimal fuss and discomfort for the patient.

The intraoral scanner can capture 6,000 frames per second resulting in real-time 3-D visualization of the digital scan that can be viewed in a matter of minutes on a multitouch screen. The wand is small, light, and has built-in gyro technology for the rotation of models on screen. It includes a defogging system that does not need extended warming or air. Additionally, data is automatically saved without the need for battery backup. The single platform iTero scanner can work with the iTero Orthodontic Digital Ecosystem allowing digitized orthodontic workflows. The iTero Restorative Digital Ecosystem enhances the accuracy and precision of the restorative process with third-party partners allowing for high-resolution scans can be immediately exported to your chosen dental laboratory. The open architecture platform allows clinicians and labs to export generic and custom STL files of digital impressions to other third-party dental service providers.


Enjoy Freedom of Choice in Treatment Options and in Materials

Digital scans produced by iTero will allow you to seamlessly continue working with your chosen dental laboratory. The scans can be used digitally or to produce precision-milled models made from polyurethane which are resistant to damage during the fabrication process in the dental laboratory. The scans are suitable for all dental restorations, including those that are implant-based. Dental implants can be accurately scanned at both tissue and bone level. Digital scans can be used for inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, partial crowns and bridges. The scanner will capture precise measurements of hard and soft tissues including pre-existing metal, polymer, and ceramic restorations.


Simple to Use

The scanner is straightforward to use, even for full-arch restorations. Scanning is easy and quick using the step-by-step visual and voice guidance. There is an intuitive user interface making it simple for team members to work with iTero. Scanning is stable and comfortable thanks to the contact with teeth while the optics are protected with the single-use sleeves. During scanning, there is no need to touch the computer screen.

While it may take a little practice to get used to the idea of using a digital scanner, digital impressions can provide superior results and are becoming increasingly popular.

Please be reminded that should you wish to discuss a case in more detail, our experienced technical team is here to assist you.

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