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A good up-to date practice management software program could help you grow your business, and give you more time to concentrate on offering the best level of patient care.

A good up-to-date practice management software could help you grow your business, and give you more time to concentrate on offering the best level of patient care. An efficient and well-run practice can help to create a better working environment, making it easier to retain valued staff members while strengthening your professional profile. Your chosen system should always be HIPAA compliant; otherwise, there is the risk of a security breach when accessing a patient’s personal information on a connected device. Above all, it is essential to ensure your practice data is secure.


What to Look For in Your New Practice Management Software

When choosing a software system, it is important to deal with a company that understands the needs and vision of your practice. Ensure your new software will be properly installed and fully integrated so it seamlessly connects every piece of hardware, including all computers, printers, servers, mobile devices, scanners, and peripherals. Understanding exactly how a management system works will allow you to leverage its full capabilities.

Listed below are some of the essential features you should be looking for:

  • A unified digital-appointment book that is easy to search and evenly distributes the workload, making it simple to schedule patient appointments.

  • Digital charts will allow any member of your dental team to access patient records when needed. If you have yet to go paperless, this could be the ideal time to make the change.

  • Unified access to imaging equipment. Digital imaging is an essential part of most modern practices, and your new practice management software should be able to easily integrate access to all available images for a patient.

  • Electronic claims, allow you to expedite insurance claims for a faster turnaround.

  • Electronic billing, lets you view every statement before it is securely sent to your printer or to another location to be printed, folded, and delivered.

  • An integrated system that allows you to send texts or emails, reminding patients of upcoming appointments.

  • Integrated credit card processing will let you post payments directly to a patient’s account, or to even set up recurring payments for those patients on plans.

  • Practice reporting, so you can analyze data pertaining to new patients or patient referrals, or see how much revenue your hygienist generates each hour. Having this information at your fingertips can increase efficiency and profitability.

It is worth spending time learning your software and also researching new software to ensure you are getting the most out of your product and time.


Why Choose Cloud-Based Software Solutions?

For many of us, the cloud is just an abstract idea, but good cloud-based software as long as you ensure the software company is offering a secure or private cloud where sensitive data can be safely stored, can be very beneficial. Cloud-based software can be particularly effective for multi-location practices, allowing a patient’s information and digital images to be reliably accessed across a range of devices, without the need for costly communication lines. Data is stored on a complete cloud system and costs can be lower since there is no need to use substantial computing power or expensive servers. Utilizing the cloud eliminates the need for server maintenance or data backup.

There are many different companies offering software solutions for dental practices. The best will have partnered with reputable manufacturers and will custom-design a solution that meets your needs and budget.  

Compare some of the best solutions here ›


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