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Using green products can enhance your dental office’s appeal to the more ecologically aware patient. Utilizing newer technologies could save you time and money, all while reducing your carbon footprint. Outlined below are three ways your dental office can become greener without sacrificing quality.


Eco Bee1. Switch to Using Eco-Products

As more people have become environmentally conscious, manufacturers have responded by providing eco-friendly products for the dental and medical industry. Companies like Eco Bee produce a terrific range of varying products spanning  from face masks to saliva ejectors. Their natural face masks are made from 60% biodegradable cellulose material, and their saliva ejectors are made from 100% pre-consumer recycled plastic. The company uses a chlorine-free manufacturing process while producing latex gloves, because using fewer chemicals generates less waste. All the packaging is made from 100% recycled material.


Switch to Online Case Submission Portal2. Switch to Online Case Submission Portal

Are you still using paper RXs? Why not upgrade to online case submission with an easy-to-use app or online portal? Entering and submitting prescriptions online eliminates errors caused by misinterpretations of hand-written information, and turnaround times are faster.

As a DDS Lab customer, you can manage your entire account online, including real-time case tracking, so your office knows exactly where your cases are. Receive convenient email notifications with shipping information and tracking numbers, and manage shipping, create FedEx shipping labels, and schedule or cancel pickups. If you have a query about a case, you can easily search its history in as much detail as you need, including case-based study models. Upload any photos to assist with your case directly. Using the app saves paperwork, there is no need to worry about the status of your cases, and everything is stored securely online.


 Download- Digital Impressions Guide3. Digital Impressions

Intraoral scanners create incredibly accurate digital impressions, eliminating the need for a physical impression and all the waste that accompanies it. You won’t need to buy disposable impression trays and impression material that would otherwise end up in landfills. Patient’s will greatly appreciate this technology, because conventional impressions are messy and uncomfortable, and even the slightest imperfection can render an impression unusable. A digital scanner takes an accurate scan of the patient’s mouth and can be checked immediately onscreen. Digital scans produces a precision-fit appliance, saving chair-side time. It’s easy to submit the digital file online, eliminating the need for wasteful packaging. Our dental laboratory welcomes data from all popular scanning systems, including 3Shape TRIOS®, CEREC®, iTERO®, Carestream®, and 3M True Definition®, and from any open system.

These are just three ways to incorporate greener policies in the dental office. Doing so will reduce your paperwork and streamline your workflow. Above all, it will reduce unnecessary waste. Keeping pace with the advances toward a more environmentally conscious workspace is important and will hopefully usher in a new era of dental technology in which we are kinder to our planet.


Please be reminded that should you wish to discuss a case in more detail, our experienced technical team is here to assist you.

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