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CE CLASS: Why Digital Workflows Drive Greater Use of Dental Implants

Digital dental workflows are growing rapidly. Interviews with prominent restorative dentists suggest that dentists interested in doing more implants should think digital.

Digital dental workflows are growing rapidly assisted by improved scanning and designing technology available to dentists and laboratories. Recent interviews with prominent restorative dentists, Drs. Gary Morris (Chicago), Harold Baumgarten (Philadelphia), and Steven LoCascio (Knoxville), suggest that dentists interested in doing more implants should think digital.

Dr. Morris commented, “committing to digital can help dentists more fully incorporate implants intotheir practice”.

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If applied properly, digital techniques provide numerous benefits for both clinics and laboratories. Why because they:

  • Enhance procedural efficiency
  • Reduce usage of impression material
  • Provide rapid and easier communication to laboratory

These insights have led to the development of an educational program aimed at describing the transition from analog to digital workflows when treating implant patients. 

Understanding the rationale for the growing use of digital workflows with implants is critical. Knowing when and how to use intra-oral scanners for these cases is also important. A well-orchestrated course that succinctly delivers this knowledge is very practical and appealing.

To learn more, join DDS Lab for the first of a series of programs entitled Digital Implant Dentistry – The Time is Now. The first of these is scheduled from 5-7 pm on Wednesday, November 3. New call-to-action

Sign up now — DDS Lab will bring practical, contemporary education on hot topics to the dental community. There’s no time like the present to incorporate more digital and more implants into your practice. 

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