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CE CLASS: Achieve Predictable Results in Removable Prosthetics

This online course focuses on impressions and associated materials. It is an excellent refresher for both dentists and dental assistants.

Continuing education is important for dentists and dental assistants, but finding the time to earn CE credit is not always easy. As an approved PACE program provider, our online courses are viewable from anywhere, at any time, allowing dental professionals to build up credit when it is most convenient.

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What to Expect from This Course

This short online course focuses on impressions and associated materials. It is an excellent refresher for both dentists and dental assistants. Participants will gain useful pointers on how to improve impression-taking and learn reasons why a dental lab could reject impressions. The course reviews materials and use, specifically outlining the correct way to use alginates and which substitutes may be easier. This course also instructs on proper tray selection, the importance of proper border molding and offers a general review of bite rims, try-ins and relines.


Learn How Dental Impressions are Graded

Every dental office is anxious to reduce remakes and ensure patient appointments run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. A great outcome relies on an excellent impression. This class will guide participants through the principles of taking a good impression every time. These points may seem redundant, but dental laboratories see fundamental mistakes in impression-taking on a daily basis. Through actual case photos, participants will learn how dental impressions are graded by the lab’s quality control department and which factors can lead to an impression being rejected. When an impression is rejected, treatment is delayed, repeat appointments can become necessary and ultimately, this could cause patient dissatisfaction.


Alginates and Potential Pitfalls

When used correctly, an alginate impression will provide a good preliminary model. This material must be accurately measured and correctly mixed. Failing to immediately pour up alginates can lead to inaccuracies and wrapping impressions in damp paper towels is not a solution. This course will discuss accurate use of alginates, alternative materials to try, and which materials can be more forgiving and easier to manipulate.


Tray Selection

Choosing the right tray is essential to capture all relevant details. This course reviews use of stock and custom trays and give detailed advice on taking that all-important final impression. The temptation to cut corners or being short on time can lead to avoidable mistakes. Often, these errors can be detected simply by closely examining the impression before sending it to the lab.


Bite Rims

Bite rims are invaluable for correctly articulating models. Participants will learn which measurements are essential to achieving an optimal final outcome.


Teeth Selection and Materials

This section of the course reviews the information needed by your dental lab. Based on the doctor’s indications, a dental lab can assess each case to ensure the selected materials are appropriate. Ensuring the form is filled out correctly and as completely as possible will help minimize delays in completing the work.



Try-ins are discussed in some detail including what to do if the occlusion is incorrect. Although an additional appointment may be required for an additional try-in, this option is far quicker than having to remake a case.



Relines are another area where speed can be a problem, often due to patient demands. The class will discuss the different types of relines and their advantages and disadvantages.


Good communication with your dental lab benefits the doctor and office staff, their patients and the lab itself. By working closely together and taking advantage of the lab’s partnership and resources, excellent outcomes can be achieved every time, resulting in satisfied patients and more referrals!

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