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Modern dentistry has changed drastically. Read about the must-have-services for your dental practice.

Modern dentistry has changed drastically. The introduction of newer and more innovative technologies and the development of more aesthetically pleasing dental materials has greatly altered patient expectations, overall experiences and care. These advances have also changed and improved day-to-day practice for dental offices and clinicians.

For many patients, convenience and comfort are key.


Online Booking is Becoming the Norm

Many dental practice websites now offer online booking options for patients. Online booking may involve a virtual contact form for patients to complete and submit or the opportunity to immediately schedule an appointment. The appeal is obvious: online booking makes it easier for patients to keep up with regular dental care. Email and text reminders are also increasingly popular. These options are often the preferred way for patients to receive appointment reminders and frequently help to avoid missed appointments.


Mobile Optimized Websites

Smartphone users access their devices frequently and expect to be able to gain information quickly. In addition to booking appointments online, they want to be able to contact their dentist with the push of a button or see useful office information, such as hours of operation, location and driving directions, through mobile optimized websites.


Dental Clinics Are More Comfortable & Welcoming

Modern dentistry is an overall more pleasant experience, which patients have learned to expect. Most patients are accustomed to comfortable and relaxing surroundings with procedures that will give them the smiles they desire. Many dentists have already risen to this challenge, designing dental offices that are more like spas. Spa-like offices frequently incorporate in-chair entertainment systems to help patients feel more at ease. Patients also expect their dental clinic to have invested in the most up-to-date technology so they feel they are receiving the very best dental care.

 In addition to convenience and comfort, excellent diagnostic technology is crucial to both patient and doctor for maintaining excellent general care and preventative dental care. Increased training allows dental technicians to fully utilize these exciting technological advances and materials to provide better results than ever before.


Intraoral Cameras

Doctors who use intraoral cameras find them to be extremely useful for patient education. Patient education is more effective and involved when the patient can see exactly what their doctor is seeing. Patients can also view the “after” images. When compared to the “before” images, this allows patients to perceive greater value in their dental treatments. Intraoral cameras are incorporated directly into some digital impression scanners.


Digital X-rays and Cone Beam CT Scanners

Most dental practices now have the ability to take digital X-rays, which produce images that are instantly viewable. An increasing number of dental offices are installing Cone Beam CT Scanners, as this equipment is invaluable when planning and placing dental implants. Cone Beam CT Scanners provide patients with a smoother, quicker and more successful treatment.


Restorative Dentistry

The introduction of on-site CEREC machines has allowed clinicians to create precision-fitted restorations while the patient is still in the chair.

Modern composites and porcelain restorations are helping a vast number of offices to become amalgam-free. Metal-free restorations are more frequently used to meet patient demands for excellent esthetics. Restorations made from IPS Empress, e.max, or zirconia meet these demands and are proven to be strong options.

A full-mouth restoration can also involve the use of several different technologies and materials. Knowing which materials and techniques will work best together is essential in achieving good esthetic and fully functional results expected by both clinicians and patients.


Digital Impressions

Most modern dental laboratories are equipped to accept digital dental impressions and are familiar with the very latest CAD/CAM technology. In-office digital scanners contribute to overall patient comfort and are extremely convenient for doctors.


Dental Lab Communication

Dental laboratories must have the technical know-how to discuss complex cases with clients. The use of newer technology is changing the way dental labs can communicate case notes with clients. Clinicians can now use an online portal to submit prescriptions, have access to real-time case tracking, or to schedule a case pickup. Live Chat makes it easier to get the answer to a technical question directly from a trained and knowledgeable professional, which saves valuable time.


Please be reminded that should you wish to discuss a case in more detail, our experienced technical team is here to assist you.

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