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DDS Lab understands the importance of good communication. We know you are busy taking good care of your patients - and you are running a businesses.  You and your staff don’t want to spend hours on the phone, following up on cases or trying to get through to the right person. This is the reason why every DDS Lab customer has their own dedicated Account Manager.

Jason Spera, DDS Lab’s Customer Care Manager, explains, “The role of a dedicated Account Manager is to put in the time building relationships to last in the good times and no so good times and to be the customer’s advocate. We are not a call center. The relationship established with each customer is the most important function of a DDS Lab Account Manager.”

When you need to contact us, you won’t end up in a soulless call center. You won’t need to spend your valuable time explaining things several times before your call is finally redirected to the person who can help you.  Instead, you can always talk directly with your dedicated contact at DDS Lab. This person has taken the time to know you and your practice and understands how you like things to operate.


What is the Role of a Dedicated Account Manager?

One of the most important roles of our account managers is to build a relationship with you - our client.

The advantages of this approach include:

  • Your Account Manager is your advocate, when things are going well, or if work isn’t progressing as smoothly as expected. Your Account Manager will work on your behalf to resolve any issues.

  • Your Account Manager can provide you with accurate date notifications for work in progress.

  • They will order any supplies required for your work.

  • If you are expecting any credits, these are issued by your Account Manager, who is always fully informed about any changes to your account.


It is their job to keep in touch with you and to ensure you are fully informed and are happy with every aspect of the work received. Even when you don’t need to contact us, you will still receive monthly cadence calls, when we will check-in with you to see if you have any questions or concerns requiring attention.

Your Account Manager has extensive knowledge about fabrication processes, materials and the restorations manufactured at DDS Lab. As a full service lab, we offer a comprehensive range of restorations, and our Account Managers can draw on the experience and expertise of our technical team, liaising with them when needed.

“As an Account Manager, I have gained so much information regarding the various types of Fixed and Removable cases,” said Joanne Tricario, a seasoned member or our Account Management team. “I work with many wonderful and knowledgeable people here at DDS Lab, and it’s nice to be able to rely on them for assistance as needed.”

Most importantly, our Account Managers report that they love their work! They genuinely enjoy working with their allocated dental offices. They derive enormous satisfaction from ensuring that you enjoy an excellent, smooth and successful relationship with us.


Receive the Personalized Service Your Business Deserves

DDS Lab’s level of service is similar to a small local lab, but we offer all the benefits of working with a full-service national dental laboratory. We take pride in providing the most technologically advanced restorations and materials.

Our Account Managers and our entire team are here to offer you the most advanced dental services and support. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.

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